To me, art is a lot like walking down the street NAKED. Exposed, honest, relieved and true!
An empty canvas is a door for me leading to another part of my world. The moment my paintbrush touches its rough surface, it becomes unlocked.
.....I moved to Greece permanently and went to Byron College when I was nine years old, and that was when I was introduced to a blank piece of paper and some coloured pencils. I had the strictest art teacher anyone could possibly have and I was glad to have her. She once showed me a painting in that book that became my inspiration for quite a long while, it was the Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin, and this was what she said: “Donna this girl right here reminds me so much of you. I believe Gauguin was in love with her..” So with that in my heart, I sat in her class and got to work.
.......I decided maybe I should go back to Philippines. And bringing my drawings and paintings with me, I did.

I believe being an artist is not just talent or something we learn, teach and pass along. It’s not just dedication and passion either.
It is the face of the weak and the strong, the language of love and hate, the colour of sadness and happiness. The blanket of one’s life.  
My story came not from my dreams or fantasy but from stones and flowers of life.
Being an artist is insanity that makes you sane.  


Guinness Brew Mar 24 – Apr 15, 2011 (Solo at Hiraya Gallery U.N. Manila)
Reflection of the Past June 15-July 15 2011 (Solo at Galerie Hans Brumann)
Immortals Nov 11-Dec 1 2011 (Group at Hiraya Gallery U.N. Manila)
 Asia Contemporary Art Show Oct 4-Oct 7, 2012 (Group at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong)