Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby

What could I say that the title hasn't told you yet? My current project is inspired entirely, wholeheartedly by one of my most favorite books of all; THE GREAT GATSBY by F.Scott Fitzgerald. No, I am not all about reading fiction books of witches and demons and vampires.... :) My heart does belong in the classics.. sorry to disappoint you.

Daisy (unfinished)

When was the last time i read this? hmmmmm about 13 years ago! wow! i feel so old.. At that time, we had to read it, we were forced to read it for our exams.. but little by little I grew up and everything in that book fell into place and fell in to my reality.
The Great Gatsby, a man literally of a few words yet spoken by everyone in millions, in different languages, in different countries. What made him so great? In my painting, I answer that one question. He could be a king, he could be a hero and he could be just a homeless guy with big dreams and the real soul of a man we rarely come across. I believe he was all these men... He was great for his love for a woman that lasted until the day he died.
It is a sad story but also a very real one. There is the poor, the rich, the lost, the pathfinder, the corruption, the cheaters, the lovers, the hope and the humble..
I have said enough... JUST GO READ THE BOOK...

This series will contain 8 to 10 paintings.